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Covid-19 Update

Patients and Colleagues

As you are aware the whole country has been affected by the outbreak of Covid 19. Dental practices have had to close their doors and only a handful have been able to provide emergency care. We are doing all we can to try and be open when the lock down is lifted but it is difficult to know exactly when this will be.

The practice will now have to operate differently due to the restrictions that have been placed on us. If you already have an appointment or are currently under treatment with us, then we will be in touch with you as it is likely this will need to be altered to accommodate the new restrictions. If you are awaiting an appointment, we will be in contact with you when we can get back into the office to arrange this.

We request that you try and attend your appointment alone where possible. If you are feeling unwell could you delay your treatment until such time that you are feeling better.

Management of the clinical environment now requires a greater level of complexity and so we are not able to see as many patients during a normal working day. We appreciate your patience with this. Please also note that our bathroom facilities will not be available at this time.

Alli will be in touch by phone to confirm your appointment and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Warmest regards and keep well.

Sara Jardine.